Do you want to be a tennis coach under Learn and Play Sports traineeship

Dear Tennis player

We get many coaching leads all the time. Do you want to join us as our coaching affiliate member, coaching under Learn and Play Sports brand. Read on if you are..

Who am I as your trainer ?

I am a certified tennis coach with Singapore's most difficult to obtain coaching certificate in Singapore - SG-Coach L1 Technical Certification in Tennis Coaching (by Singapore Tennis Association in collaboration with ITF world tennis governing body).  I was mentored and certified by 2 of Singapore best known tennis trainers/coaches. Weber Oh (RI principal coach) and Simon Tan (ACS principal coach). I am also Sport Singapore (activeSg)/NROC registered

I am a strong practitioner of progressive methodical coaching methods where beginner students learn through step by step stages.  I believe that all learners must not only able to do but know why they are doing in a certain way, which means my lessons often include theoretical explanations of biomechanics. Often when student are convinced of the whys, they will perform very well.

Don't take my word. Read my reviews of my students and you can judge for yourselves.

If you have a logical mind and a social communicative personality and of course with a reasonable set of skills , I can take you under my arms

Contact me today for a chat 81817112. No promises I will take you, but if you have the above mostl likely we can work together.

Coach Albert Teo
SG-Coach L1 Technical Certification in Tennis Coaching (since 2007)

E-Learning Services

Dear Coach

Are you a EXPERT in your field.

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Learn and Play Sports is a Sports Instructional Organisation with a mission to fulfil each individual objective to reach his/her maximum sports potential through structured, methodical learning systems with highly qualified sports coaches.

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